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What services will Julia House offer when it is completed?

Current Design(Work-In-Progress)

Hospice Care

  • JHPC will be a Medicare-certified hospice provider offering all levels of hospice care to Erie County residents wherever they live including at home, a nursing home, and JHPC's inpatient and residential hospice facility called Julia House.  Levels of Hospice care include:​

    1. Routine​ - pain and symptom management, comfort care that most people receive in their home

    2. Respite - 3-5 days of inpatient care so that a caregiver with fatigue can recover

    3. Continuous - at least 6 hours/day of care in a person's home, usually less than 2-3 days

    4. General Inpatient - 3-5 days of higher-intensity care to manage an acute crisis including non-invasive breathing support and intravenous medications

  • ​Care will be provided by a specially trained hospice care team comprised of a nurse, doctor, social worker, and chaplain together with other trained professionals including nursing assistants, therapists, a dietitian, and exercise trainer.

  • Hospice care will be overseen by a board-certified and trained physician specializing in hospice and palliative medicine.

  • To exceed the highest quality of care standards, JHPC will employ "holistic care" bringing together traditional and non-traditional treatments to best address all sources of pain and suffering.

  • JHPC will also provide comprehensive bereavement services for all grieving the loss of a loved one.

  • Hospice care is paid for by private health insurance, Medicare part A (Medicare Hospice Benefit), Pennsylvania Medical Assistance (Medicaid), and Medicare Advantage plans (starting in 2021).

Palliative Care

  • Palliative care and hospice care are not the same, but both want to improve the quality of someone's life.

  • Hospice care is only available for those at the end of their lives, those not likely to live beyond 6 months, and need comfort from suffering by relieving pain and other distressing symptoms until their natural death.

  • Palliative care is available to anyone at any stage of life who is living with a serious illness and needs a better quality of life by understanding their illness better so that they can make more informed choices regarding their care, and who need help to better manage their illness and any complications related to their illness.

  • JHPC's palliative care team will be comprised of a doctor, a certified palliative nurse practitioner, a licensed clinical social worker, and other trained professionals including therapists, a dietitian, exercise trainer, and integrative medicine specialist.

  • Medicare beneficiaries can call to schedule an appointment with JHPC's palliative care specialists and can be seen either at their home or at our outpatient palliative care clinic at Julia House.

  • Palliative care services are paid for by private health insurance, Medicare part B, and Medicare Advantage plans (starting in 2020).


A new, needed service for Erie PA

Complementary Care

  • JHPC will employ a host of ancillary support and treatment services at Julia House including: music therapy, art and legacy therapy, movement and exercise therapy, mind and body therapy, acupuncture, and cognitive behavioral therapy for residential hospice patients living at Julia House.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) will also be available to serious illness management and palliative care patients treated in the palliative care clinic by a licensed clinical social worker.

  • JHPC will partner with a certified dietitian for food as medicine therapy, a certified physical trainer for exercise therapy and mind and body therapy, and will refer patients to a certified integrative medicine physician when appropriate.

  • As part of JHPC's comprehensive bereavement care, our licensed clinical social worker will also provide grief counseling for the family when appropriate.

Bereavement Care

  • Hospice is the only care in the US that also provides services for the family (care unit) in addition to the patient.

  • Bereavement involves both mourning and grieving. JHPC will provide team-based support to all coping with the loss of a loved one for up to 12 months.

  • JHPC's bereavement team is comprised of the doctor, nurse, social worker, chaplain, and certified grief-recovery specialist.

  • JHPC will provide grief counseling where and when appropriate.

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